Hurricane Sandy Relief from Designers Care on Etsy

After Hurricane Sandy hit the North East coast, Jackie Mangiolino, the Long Island born designer behind Believe Notes, decided she needed to help local communities devastated by the storm. Blessed to be a part of an amazing network, Jackie reached out to all of her friends in the design community and asked if they would be willing to donate designs to be turned into stamps and then used to create small sized art cards. Within 24 hours Jackie had over 50 designers, her mom Anna Quartuccio, and a stamp company all on board with the initiative. The culmination was an Etsy shop called Designers Care.

Each design in this shop has been donated by an established designer and then hand stamped, or hand embossed, onto either a small wallet-sized card or a larger note card. The cards are perfect for keeping as inspiration, framed art, or to gift it forward to people that may be in need of a little cheering up. I had the honor of contributing to this awesome cause, and my design is a little notecard with the word "ALOHA" at the top (I'm from Hawaii). The designs are posted in black, but you can choose different colors.

This initiative is a non-profit, so all proceeds (aside from shipping and transaction fees) will be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. So please go check out Designers Care and pick up some cool mini art cards! You'll be supporting an awesome cause! Oh, and if you don't mind, can you please help me spread the word? Thanks so much!! :)

note: This blog post comes from the "About DesignersCare" page on the Designers Care Etsy store (except for a few blurbs I added in).

"sending aloha"

"sending aloha"