BOGO Sitewide at Cardstore

Now through 2/24 buy one get one free at Cardstore! Sitewide! No limit! You can even schedule cards up to a year in advance so you can buy it now and have it sent later. Birthdays, Graduation, Holidays, Personal Stationery - Cardstore has cards for every occasion - to suit every personality. There's always a reason to celebrate! Let Cardstore help you make it more fun! Just click on the banner or link below and use code CWC3219 at checkout.  I'm headed over there right now. Why don't you come with me and we'll go get a bunch of cards together. Well, have fun! I'll talk to you again soon!

xo, lori :)

Free Recipient Address Printing from Minted

Minted is offering FREE Recipient Addressing for all holiday card orders! What a time-saver! If you've put off sending out your holiday cards (like me), you'll appreciate this new feature that Minted is offering. All you have to do is place your order for holiday cards, and then you can import addresses, add addresses, or request addresses by email. Super simple + super convenient! Envelopes are mailed to you with your holiday cards with the addresses printed. All you need to do is add a stamp! Sure makes card sending a snap! Check it out!

xo, lori :)

p.s. - get 15% off holiday card orders of $150+ with code STAR150 or 10% off holiday card orders of $100+ with code STAR100 (exp 12/6)

Black Friday at Minted 2012

If you haven't purchased your holiday cards yet, you're in luck! Minted is having their Black Friday sale! Get 15% off Holiday Card orders of $100+ with code FRIDAY15 and 20% off Holiday Card orders of $100+ with code FRIDAY20.

Minted has a gorgeous holiday collection, and if you haven't checked it out yet, now is a great time to do so! And if you'd like, you can go check out some of the designs I've done for Minted here. Well, happy Black Friday shopping! Cheers! -Lori :)





sale has been extended until 11/25 11:59 PST

FREE Card from Cardstore thru 9/23

Is there really a better feeling than when your best friend from 5 states away calls to thank you for your thoughtfulness on their birthday?! Being far away from friends and family can be difficult during birthdays or other special times of the year, but Cardstore makes it so easy to let all of your loved ones feel right at home with a FREE CARD all weekend long. Every day until Sunday 9/23 at midnight, use coupon code CCL2673 at checkout and get any card on absolutely FREE. They'll even mail it anywhere in the US for no extra charge. Their cards are so personalizeable, with photo uploads and adding your own signature, that you'll be able to find one for anyone, and everyone! Head over to and make someone's day!

FREE Birthday Card from Cardstore

Did you know September has one of the highest numbers of birthdays during in a month? Because Cardstore knows that Birthdays are a super big deal, they want to have a week long bash and let everyone get One FREE Card! Use Coupon Code CCL2673 at checkout from Monday 9/17 through Sunday 9/23, you can pick out a card that best suites the birthday girl or boy, personalize it with their name and an inside joke, include a picture they totally forgot about, and add your very own signature, all FOR FREE! Cardstore will even send it directly to their mailbox, stamp included! It's hard enough remembering birthdays, so let Cardstore give you a break this time by doing the rest of the work. P.S. You can even pick the delivery date if you don't have any September Birthdays coming up. Send a little you today!

75% off Birthday Invitations at Cardstore, Today Only!

Today, 9/12, for 24 hours, all BIRTHDAY INVITES are 75% off at Cardstore when you use coupon code CAL2136 at checkout! How great is that?! Whether you're planning your own legendary bash, or want to surprise your BFF with a themed shindig, you'll find more than enough inspiration with Cardstore's selection of Birthday Party Invitations. They have fun and colorful ones for kids parties, or grownup sophisticated ones for a major milestone birthday. After you personalize the perfect party invite, you can have Cardstore address and send them for you at no extra cost! Click on the link below and don't forget the code: CAL2136.

Free iPhone app from Cardstore

The bus stop. The doctor's office. The DMV. The Cardstore Mobile app just turned them into the perfect places to send a real life greeting card straight from your heart, by way of your iPhone, to someone's mailbox. The NEW Free Cardstore App for iPhone is as easy as 1-2-3! Choose your favorite card, personalize it with a truly you, one-of -a-kind message and pics from your phone, and finish with your own finger-written signature. The rest you can leave to Cardstore. They'll stamp it, address it, and mail it for you! The selection of cards will make it fun and simple to find a card for any and every occasion. And get this, you can connect to Facebook reminders and never miss another birthday. Download the FREE Cardstore iPhone app Now and start sending smiles!