Guess What's 2014 Holiday Collection for Cardstore

This year, I designed quite a few holiday cards for Cardstore, and I just wanted to share them with you. There's a little bit of everything - some hand-lettering, some illustration - even a floral design, which I don't do much of. You can check these out, along with more of my holiday designs, here, at

Cardstore has such a wonderful + diverse collection of greeting cards, invitations, notecards, and more - for every occasion you can think of. I absolutely love that you can upload your addresses and have Cardstore address, stamp, and mail your cards out for you! They really make the card sending process super simple + convenient! Saves a whole bunch of time, too!! Right now, Cardstore is having a sitewide sale, and you can get 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING until 10/31 with code CCM4241 (enter at checkout). Wouldn't it be great to get your holiday card shopping done early? ;) Easier said than done, I know. I always intend to get it done early, but sometimes my Christmas cards turn into New Year's cards. On a few occasions, they even turned into Christmastine's (Christmas Valentine's). Hey, that could totally be a new category of greeting cards! Uhhhhhm . . . maybe, not.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look! Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the designs. Hope you're having a great weekend! Talk to you soon!

lori :)

Guess What?'s 2014 Holiday Collection for Minted

This year, I have 8 new holiday designs available at Minted (YAY!), that I submitted to various design challenges. Every year, the competition gets tougher, so I feel very blessed to have a few of my humble designs appearing in their 2014 Holiday Collection. Here they are:

Thanks so much for taking a look! Let me know what you think! Right now, Minted has a couple of offers on holiday cards:

1) get 15% off Thanksgiving cards - code: GIVETHANKS14 (enter at checkout)
   (limited time offer - not sure when it ends)
2) get 10% off + free recipient addressing on Holiday Cards - code: JOY2014 (enter at checkout) offer ends 11:59 pm PST, 10/27

You can check out these Guess What? holiday cards, and more, at my Minted Storefront. Thanks again for stopping by! Hope you're having a wonderful Fall season!

lori :)

Gorgeous Wrapping Paper at Minted (special offer)

Last year, Minted added wrapping paper to their ever-growing list of gorgeous paper products. First, it was just holiday wrap, but now they have beautiful designs for just about every occasion. Many of the designs can be personalized with your photos, names, or custom text - making it a completely unique gift item.

Right now, until 9/22, Minted is having a special offer, where you buy 5 sheets and get 5 free. It's not posted on their website, so here's the code: WRAPBOGO (enter code at checkout).
Check out their beautiful assortment here. And here are some of my absolute faves:


simple snapshot wrapping paper by  alethea & ruth

simple snapshot wrapping paper by alethea & ruth

bold washi personalized wrapping paper by  sarah curry

bold washi personalized wrapping paper by sarah curry

sweet gift personalized wrapping paper by  geekink design

sweet gift personalized wrapping paper by geekink design

big xo wrapping paper by  pistols

big xo wrapping paper by pistols

alford park personalized wrapping paper by  jennifer wick

alford park personalized wrapping paper by jennifer wick

doodle strip personalized wrapping paper by  alethea & ruth

doodle strip personalized wrapping paper by alethea & ruth

birthday balloons personalized wrapping paper by  hooray creative

birthday balloons personalized wrapping paper by hooray creative

There are so many beautiful designs to choose from - I just can't post them all. So go check it out for yourself and start stocking up for the holidays (and more)!

Happy Celebrations!

lori :)

26th Annual GCA LOUIE Awards

It's been a busy year so far, and I haven't posted anything since January! Yikes - that's 5 months! I've been working on holiday designs for Minted and Cardstore, along with some other fun projects on the side. I'll post about those other things later, but for now, I have some super exciting news!

This year, the Greeting Card Association (GCA) held it's 26th Annual International Greeting Card Competition also known as the LOUIE Awards. According to GCA President Steve Doyal, "the LOUIE's are like the Oscars of the Greeting Card Industry". The winners of the competition were announced at the LOUIE Awards Gala on May 18, 2014, at Espace in New York City. Minted entered my "Petit Monsieur" birthday party invitation (below) in the General Invitations category, and not only was it a finalist, but it WON! YAAAY! What a super-crazy happy surprise!! :)

Petit Monsieur birthday invitation by Guess What? for Minted

Petit Monsieur birthday invitation by Guess What? for Minted

I actually had no idea my design was entered, but a friend of mine, Kelli Hall (super sweet + super talented designer), was attending the National Stationery Show (NSS), where the winning designs were on display. She posted a pic of my design on FB and told me that it won. I was so incredibly stoked! Later, I found out that she won a LOUIE, as well, in the Announcements & Photo Cards category! So happy for her, too!! Here's Kelli's winning design - isn't it gorgeous?!!

Brushed Gold Holiday Photo Card by Kelli Hall for Minted

Brushed Gold Holiday Photo Card by Kelli Hall for Minted

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out and a huge hug + thank you to Minted for entering my design, and to the judges who voted for my design! Love you guys!!

Well, that's all for now. I'll definitely try and post more consistently and share more of what's going on at "Guess What?". Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my humble blog. I appreciate it more than you know! Hope you're having an awesome summer! Take care and talk to you soon!

lori :)

Yay! Minted top 20!

Hi Everyone!

Just found out a few days ago that my "beyond measure" entry made into Minted's Valentine's Collection! My design placed 13th out of nearly 600 entries! I hadn't entered a design challenge in a while, and I was a bit skeptical about even placing. There's always such an AMAZING mix of talent, so placing in a challenge is, well...extremely challenging! I was so stoked when I got the announcement - what a happy surprise! It isn't available on the Minted site, yet, but it will be soon, as Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Yay! Check out the rest of the winners/entries here, too. Really awesome work!!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for voting! Your support is soooo greatly appreciated, and I know there's no way I could do this without you! So here's a great big HUG (squeeeeeze) and a happy wish to go along with it (wiiiish)!! Hope you're having a great 2014! Thanks again, and talk to you soon!

lori :)

New Year's Resolutions

Ahh, the New Year! It's always filled with so much hope and promise. It's a time when we reflect on the past year and make resolutions for a positive change. I, recently, happened upon this TED Blog post by Jessica Gross, "Your TED-inspired New Year’s resolutions". Before you set out to make your own list, I encourage you to check it out.

Jessica puts together 10 resolutions inspired by TED Talks from this past year. Truly inspirational and possibly life changing resolutions! I've watched 6 of the 10 videos (but I will definitely watch them all), and they've all been very thought-provoking and motivational. My fave so far is #1, Young-ha Kim’s “Be an artist, right now!”  I think this one is relatable to everyone, and it will inspire you to release your inner-child and do the things you dream of. I challenge you (and myself), to follow through with the ones that speak to you and touch you in some personal way.

Well, I hope these TED Talks fuel you with inspiration for the New Year, and motivate you to accomplish all that you set out to do in the months ahead. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, and however you choose to ring in the New Year, stay safe, take care, and God bless!! Cheers! See you in 2014!

lori :)

Holiday Greetings to You & Yours!

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful year! It's been quite a journey, but it's only just begun. Thank you so much for visiting and supporting my humble little site. I'm sure it'll probably be a never ending WIP, but hopefully it'll be a place you'll enjoy coming back to. 

Slowly, but surely, I'm trying to fill up the empty shelves in my store. It's been a slow building process, but it's a labor of love. There are a million things I'd like to add, RIGHT NOW, but alas, I am only one person. This year, I'll be focusing more on wedding suites and art prints. I'll definitely add more items in the other categories, as well, but I'd love to have a nice selection of wedding pieces and art. I also plan to work on some hand-lettering, calligraphy, and hand-drawn illustrations, as well. And if there's anything you'd like to see in the shop, please let me know. 

Well, hope you all have a beautiful holiday season with your loved ones & friends, and I pray that you have safe travels and happy celebrations! May all your holiday wishes come true and may your new year be filled with goodness and joy. God bless you all!!

lori :)